My Releases

Looks like I have been busy! Below you will a list of my releases. I’d love to hear which are your favourites and why?

Name Artist Length
Always (Polymental mix) Amber D 4:24
Amber Diva Amber D 6:38
Amber’s Theme Amber D 5:11
Amber’s Theme (In2uition remix) Amber D 7:29
Amber’s Theme (Alex Kidd vs. Kidd Kaos mix) (part of “MoS: Maximum Bass Ultimate” DJ-mix) Amber D 3:37
Ambers Theme (Alex Kidd vs Kidd Kaos remix) Amber D 8:00
Ambers Theme (Bexta remix) Amber D 7:04
Ambers Theme (Stana remix) Amber D 5:50
Another Chance Amber D 6:44
Another Day Amber D & Neal Thomas 8:37
Another Day (JP & Jukesy remix) Amber D & Neal Thomas 7:33
Another Day (JP & Jukesy Remix) Amber D & Neal Thomas 7:36
Anthem Amber D 5:18
Attack Warning Amber D 7:03
Attack Warning (The Sound) (part of “Hard Dance Awards: The Album 2007” DJ-mix) Amber D 4:06
Attack Warning (The Sound) (part of “Tidy Boys Big Night Out” DJ-mix) Amber D 4:49
Beautiful Illusion Amber D 6:05
Beautiful Illusion Amber D 8:20
Bounce Amber D 6:12
Can’t Stop Amber D & Ramp 6:16
Cerca Trova Amber D 6:48
Cerca Trova (Acapella) Amber D Feat. Stace 0:46
Cerca Trova (Nik Denton remix) Amber D Feat. Stace 8:44
Cerca Trova (Nik Denton remix) Amber D Feat. Stace 5:18
Cerca Trova (original) Amber D Feat. Stace 6:48
Dirty Stop Out Amber D & Morgan 3:44
Don’t Turn Away Amber D & Paul F & Kye Shand 5:06
Double the Odds Amber D & Stana 4:50
Eat the Beat Amber D vs. Swankie DJ & Kashi 5:57
Future Music Amber D & The Yofridiz 6:06
Get on Up Amber D & Ben Stevens 5:52
Give It Up Amber D 5:03
God’s Child Amber D & Gridbreaker 7:32
I Don’t Like You Amber D 5:16
I Got to Believe Guyver Meets Amber D 7:41
I Got to Believe (part of “Exclusive Guyver Showcase” DJ-mix) Guyver Meets Amber D 6:08
I’ve Got a Feeling Amber D 7:20
Kirei Amber D 5:31
Kirei (part of a “Tidy Euphoria” DJ‐mix) Ingo & Amber D 5:20
Kiss & Tell Amber D 7:53
Kiss & Tell (part of “The Tidy High School Romp” DJ-mix) Amber D ?:??
Mind Twister Amber D & KloneZ 7:29
On My Mind Amber D & Morgan 7:00
On My Mind (part of “Exclusive Rodi Style Showcase” DJ-mix) Amber D & Morgan 4:13
On My Mind (Nish remix) Amber D & Morgan 7:29
On My Mind (original) Amber D & Morgan 7:00
One Night in Haslamabad Amber D 6:31
Paranoid Amber D Feat. Riggsy 5:50
Remembrance Mix 2001 – 2009 (Continuous mix) Amber D 1:18:19
Rough Sex Amber D & Morgan 3:44
Rush on Me Amber D 6:46
Rush on Me Amber D 4:48
Rush on Me Amber D 6:43
Rush on Me (part of a “Hard Dance Awards: 2009 Euphoria” DJ‐mix) Amber D 2:56
Rush On Me (Lady Dubbz remix) Amber D 4:58
Rush on Me (Phil Mackintosh & Ginger Kid vs Joe Savvery remix) Amber D 7:32
Schranz DJ Amber D & Nitro P 5:48
Techno Slut Amber D & Argy & Projekt.Tek 7:02
Tequila Slammer Amber D 7:01
Tequilla Slammer Amber D 5:22
The Decimation of Elizabeth Black Amber D & Dark By Design 5:43
The New Regime 2010 (Continuous mix) Amber D 1:19:35
The Power Amber D 8:11
Trauma Amber D & Joe-E 7:06
Voodoo Amber D 7:34
Voodoo (part of “Tidy Boys Big Night Out” DJ-mix) Amber D 4:33
Voodoo (part of a “Tidy Euphoria” DJ‐mix) Amber D & Colin Barratt 4:59
Wanna Dance? Amber D 7:22
Wanna Dance? Amber D 7:20
Wanna Dance? (part of “Exclusive Tidy Boys Showcase” DJ-mix) Amber D 5:17
What’s Mine Is Mine Amber D 4:32
Your Attention Amber D & Kidd Kaos 5:02
Your Attention (part of “Masif Hard Dance Anthems 3” DJ‐mix) Amber D & Kidd Kaos ?:??

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